#Itstartswithme Challenge Competition



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Itstartswithme Challenge Competition is an awareness-driven competition, that aims to bring youth together to share their role in the fight against Malaria through their innovative and creative ideas that could accelerate the journey towards beating Malaria.

How to win

The contestant records or creates a video discussing *The role of youth in the fight against malaria* and posts it to his/her social media accounts, Twitter, and/or Instagram. The winners will be judged by spread level (In which we will consider the number of views), content, and creativity.

1. Record or Create a video with a maximum of 5 Minutes.

2. Tag @yam_rwanda and @medsar_rwanda with the hashtag #itstartswithme

3. Share with your social media accounts on Twitter and/or Instagram.

4. Poetry, arts, animation, creativity, and innovation are encouraged.

5. The competition starts from *1st April to 23rd April 2021* with the pause in Genocide Commemoration week (7th to 14th of April)


      * You must be  Rwandan,aged between 16 - 30


        Terms and conditions apply

                                                                         The prize

The winners will be awarded on WMD2021 on *25th April* in a  scheduled webinar.


  ☆1st: *50000RWF and a certificate

  ☆ 2nd: *30000RWF and a certificate

  ☆ 3rd: *20000RWF and a certificate

 Register  for the competition Here