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We are the generation that will end malaria

The Founder and President of YAM
Our founder&President Samuel Ndayizeye

Earlier this month,our founder&President Samuel Ndayizeye won the Award of Excellence after being chosen as one of the 11 finalists for the 3rd World Kokorozashi(Aspiration) Presentation Contest in Japan.

This is a very competitive and prestigious contest with the contestants going through two rounds before being finalists and before being Judged by the the panel including the former Japanese Minister of Education, culture, sports, science and Technology.

Commenting on this contest, our founder said,

"This was a great opportunity I got to tell the world about my aspirations .More importantly,it was a good chance to tell the people of Japan about our activities at YAM.Many people here do not know that Malaria still take lives of many in the areas where malaria is not eradicated yet but now some have an image of how deadly Malaria is.I was moved by the comments of many people who are actually willing to offer assistances in our journey towards malaria free world".

We would like to Congratulate our founder Samuel Ndayizeye on his wonderful achievement in becoming one of the finalists, winning the award and thank him for his role in the growth of the organization.


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  • youthamalaria

Jean Baptiste is a YAM member with interest in field based research on Malaria.

“Research found that persistence of Malaria in Rwanda was related to low-income, lack of compliance in bed-net usage, and altitude. Hence, the joint of force can enhance the measures toward the success—As youth we are well armed to contribute on this issue.” ~]

Jean Baptiste does believe that youth can be involved in research activities.

At YAM, research is one of our priorities.

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