Who we are

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We are Youths Against Malaria (YAM).Malaria has been a huge threat to the health of people for over 20 million years.Up to today, hundreds of thousands still die from this deadly disease. As youth, we are armed  to give a contribution towards the eradication of malaria through our voices and actions. 

We believe our contribution is necessary

To end  Malaria

"Act now ,Get involved".


"We envision to contribute in building a world where no one has to die of malaria"


Our Vision


"To build a community of young africans who are committed and armed to contribute in eradication of malaria through awareness, advocacy and getting involved in all activities make malaria a no more disease"

Our Mission



 "In order for the future generations to live in a world where malaria is no more, the youth need to take action and get involved". ​


"Malaria  is deadly, but it is curable, preventable, and can be ended for good to save future generations".


        ~Samuel Ndayizeye


Our founder's message

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